Individual Giving


Individual Giving

Sundance Institute is a champion and curator of independent stories. We believe that original voices and creative visions have the power to engage and connect us.

We provide the space for these storytellers to create and thrive through the Sundance Institute labs, and showcase their work at the annual Sundance Film Festival to a community of film lovers that ignites the new ideas that transform our culture and global narrative.

To learn more about how you can support our year-round artist support programs and experience the Sundance Film Festival, please contact the Individual Giving Office at (310) 492-2265 or

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At Sundance Institute, we are committed to providing and preserving the space for artists to create and thrive. Sundance Institute’s work to support artists of a variety of media is not possible without the generosity of our passionate supporters. Whether your gift is $65 or $150,000, there is a place for you to profoundly connect with Sundance Institute. Join our community and become a champion for the independent artists and stories you love. To learn more about how you can further our work, please visit our donor programs below:

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Individual Supporters As of February 28, 2021

$100,000 & above

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Aldag, Jr.
Mary Lake Polan and Frank A. Bennack, Jr.—Hearst
Peggy Bergmann
Sandra and Malcolm Berman Charitable Foundation
John Boccardo and J. Derek Esplin
Steve Cohen and Paula Froehle—Chicago Media Project

Peyton Gallant
Genuine Article Pictures
The Gruneich Foundation
Bill and Ruth Ann Harnisch—The Harnisch Foundation
The Lozen Foundation
Maja Kristin
Karen Lauder

New Slate Ventures
Florence and Harry Sloan
Octavia Spencer
Violet Spitzer-Lucas and the Spitzer Family Foundation
Kimberly Steward—K Period Media
Elizabeth and Kenneth Whitney

$50,000 - $99,999

Charmaine and Sean Bailey
Amy and Barry Baker Family Foundation
Paul and Katy Drake Bettner
Jason Blum—Blumhouse Productions
Barbara Bridges
Ebs Burnough and Pierre LaGrange
David Chan
Kenneth Cole and Maria Cuomo Cole
Pascal Desroches and Yvette DeGannes
Abigail E. Disney and Pierre N. Hauser—Like a River Fund
Jeanne Donovan Fisher
Philipp Engelhorn and Cameron Yates
Caterina Fake

Linda and Bob Frankenberg
The Horn Foundation
Wyck Godfrey
Rhianon Jones
Heather Kahlert—The Kahlert Foundation
Amanda Kelso
Charles and Stacey King
Barrie Landry
Lyn and Norman Lear
Jason Delane Lee and Yvonne Huff Lee
Suzanne Lerner
Ann Lewnes
Shelly and Robert Light
Cristina Ljungberg
Ann Lovell

Nion McEvoy and Leslie Berriman
Susan Bay Nimoy
Bill Plapinger and Cassie Murray
Gigi Pritzker and Michael Pucker
Alejandro Ramírez Magaña
Rick and Melinda Reed
Thomas E. Rothman and Jessica Harper
Elena and Geoffrey Sands
Nadine Schiff and Fred Rosen
Jim and Susan Swartz
Janet and Gottfried Tittiger
John and Marva Warnock
Jenifer and Jeffrey Westphal
The Jacquelyn and Gregory Zehner Foundation


Nancy Blachman and David desJardins
Donald C. Clark, Jr.
David and Linda Cornfield

Dana and Andy Eckert
The Fredston-Hermann Family
Hantz Family
Ann Hill

Caroline and Edward Hyman
Matthew Prince
Pat Mitchell and Scott Seydel


Hallee Adelman
Mohamed AlRafi
Frankie and Joseph Armstead
Phyllis and Scott Bedford
Colleen Bell
Thor Bjorgolfsson and Kristin Olafsdottir
April and Andrew Bosworth
Jen Chaiken
Beth and Jeffrey Cohen
Elliot Cooperstone
Pamela Crooke
Dwight Curry
Jeff Desich
Dobkin Family Foundation
Jana Edelbaum
Oliver Evans
Nina and David Fialkow
William and Sakurako Fisher
Janis Fleming
Philip Fung—A3 Foundation
Perry and Martin Granoff
Martha Gregory

Marni Grossman
Andrew Hee and Rachel Erickson Hee
Deirdre Hegarty
Jason Hirschhorn
Jamie Hormel
Tony Hsieh
Ken and Margaret Jacobs
Andrew Jarecki
Joyce Keil-Chafin and Bruce Chafin
Grace Lay and Sumalee Montano
Melony Lewis
Matt Lindner
Bruce and Lynn Lindsey
David and Jody Lippman
Lippman Family Foundation
Katy Loria
Robert and Suzanne Marquardt
Philip Maritz
Meryl Metni and Ubiquitous Entertainment Group
Susan Morrison
Mark Nunnelly
Constance Orlando
Maureen Pelton

Bill and Eva Price
Diana and Bruce Rauner
Carolyn Rozwat
Nicholas Pardon
Ken Pelletier
Shelby Rachleff—Westridge Foundation
Bill and Emily Reedy
Riccitiello Family
Adam Riemer
Carol Rosebrough
Jim and Stacy Scott
Jenn Lee Smith—Bewilder Films
Jane Solomon
Nancy Stephens and Rick Rosenthal
Peter Sullivan
Fred Thompson
Yoshi Tsuji—Philote Factory
Kevin and Shelley Turner
Andrea van Beuren
Marni and Richard Waterfield
Alexandra Wells
Ed Wilson
Joanne Wilson


Ellen Bialis
Steven Boal
Michele Boal
Anne and Jim Bodnar
Sue Bostrom
Robyn Carp
Jennifer Carrico
Hannalorre Chahine
Anla Chang
Christine Curtis
Robert De Swart
Sean Devlin
Dana DiCarlo and Scott Plank
Kevin and Molly Efrusy
Wendy Ettinger
Leslie and Jeffrey Fischer
Patty Francfort
Lenny Gail
Kieran and Mel Gallahue
Jessica Goldman-Foung

Roberto Grande
Kathleen Hagen
Linda and Malcolm Hastings
Terry and Ann Marie Horner
Arlene Inch
Mark and Karen James
Steve Jang
Ann Kaplan and Robert Fippenger
Jean Kaplan
Sharrington and Parker Kennedy
Phil Kent
Katherine Kohatsu
Alison Leupold
Edde Loelinger
Crystal and Charles Maggelet
Janelle Mariani
Linda Mason
Cathy and Alex Mendez
Buzz and Donna Miller

Elizabeth and Chuck Mooty
Kelly and Michael Palmer
Marian E. Davis and David R. Parker Foundation
Kathryn Petersen
Patrice Picone
Kara Ross
J. Rutherford and Laura Seydel
Stacy Sachen
Susan Sherrerd
Tricia and Bryan Smith
David Stertzer
Laura Stuart
Rosalie Swedlin and Robert Cort
Rebecca Teitel
Gayle and Barry Tyerman
Christina Varotsis
Marni McKinney Waterfield and Richard Waterfield
Martin Werner
Kat White


Jim Altman
Elizabeth Bagley
Lisa Baronsky
Paula Bennett
Elizabeth and Richard Berman
Bill Bindley
Biniam Bizuneh
Alexandra Bowes
Mary Boyle
Stephen Braun
Benjamin Breitbart
Carlease Burke
Marguerite and David Camarata
Ximena Camus
David Carrico
Ron Carson
Sharon Chang
Lorinda Chiang
Scott Claus
Joseph Cleary
Larry Clemmensen
Matthew Clyde
Sarah Cuthill
Peggy and Yogen Dalal
Deborah and Forrest Danson
Ruth and Phil Davidson
Michael Decker
Fotene Demoulas
William Dietz
Karen DiNunzio
Annika Dubrall and Jigar Mehta
Martha Dudley
Linda and Thomas Dupree
Richard and Jill Schnitzer Edelson
Jill and Andrew Ellner
Mary Jo Emfield
Christine Fisher
Audra Ford-Paterna
Scott and Molly Forstall
Pamela Foxworthy
Susan and Eric Fredston-Hermann and Family
Jason Friedrichs
Ambassador Mark and Nancy Gilbert
Andrew Goldstein
Sapphira Goradia
Shari Gottlieb
Sherri and John Grace

The Gardner Grout Foundation
Anna Guiro
Steve Harris
Anna Hashmi
Robin Hauser Reynolds
Sheree and Lawrence Hayward
Ted Dintersmith and Elizabeth Hazard
Janice and Steven Hefter
Jim Hinrichs
Lynn Hubbard
Leah Hunt-Hendrix
Barbara and Julius Hyatt
Mary Innis
Kiva Iscol
Justine Jacob
Karen and Mark James
Andrea Jaron
Allison Jones
Barbara and Bob Jones
Artemis Joukowsky
Jon Kamen
Elizabeth Karlsberg
Jeff and Tracy Katz
Heather Kenihan
Mina Kim
Stefani and Scott Kimche
Patricia Kivel
Bonnie and Mark Kowalsky
Whitaker Lader
Jim Ladner
Ryan Laney
David Lee
Michael Levinthal
Shari Levitin and Lee Gerstein
Ted Lieu
Susan Lim
Kelley and Stephen Lubanko
Suzanne Lueder
Lumberyard Studios
John Lyons
James McElwee
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton McNeel
Nancy Medford
Paris Medsger
Rob and Laura Medway
Joanna Miles-Basta
Katherine Milias
Dale Miller
Roswitha Mueller

Reid Nagle
Tim Nash
Steven Norris
Susan Noyes
Opeyemi Olagbaju
Lori Ordover
Judy and Henry Otto
Ryan Pallas
Cindy Pearlstein
Andrea Piatt
Carrie Pomerantz
Stuart Pollard
Dwight Poler
John and Marcia Price Family Foundation
Jennifer Rainin—in memory of Graham Leggat
Stacey and Steven Rauch
Judith Rice
Michelle and Larry Richman
Fiona and Sophia Robert
Jen Roddick
Kyra Rogers
Ruthanne Roth
Laurie and Owen Schwartz
Maureen and Tom Shea
Joel and Lisa Shine
Lori Sibunruang
Pamela Skene
Linda and Rick Smaligo
Joy and Bruce Soll
Melissa Soros
Melissa and Marc Spellman
The Steiner King Family
Santiago Tapia
Danielle Tapper
Kat Taylor and Tom Steyer
Howard and Judi Teig
Mary and Peter Tennyson
Judy and Tim Terrell
Rebecca Thomley
Zibby and Jim Tozer
Millicent and Todd Tracey
Brent Trostle
Lisa and Steve Tullman
Gary and Margo Weinstein
Elaine Weis
Gayle Wieseneck
Barbara Wolf
Nancy Woolf
Jean Wyman
Jean and John Yablonski


Sid Ahl
Lisa Anderson
Marilyn August
Brian Azouz
Julie Beffort
Alice Berger
Mary Boyle
Patrick Carothers
Jill I Carter
Tara Chen
Russ Caso
Donna Colomby
Mary Delle Stelzer
Stuart Stelzer
Lisa L Donini
Ruth Duenser
Mary Ellyn R. Hogan
Ellen Falguiere
Robert Finney
Christopher Gabrieli
Ryan Gallagher
Andrew Garbarino
Gabriella Glenn
Kim K Goldberg
Roger S. Goldman
Peggy Goulding
Peggy Gutterman
Edith Haddock

Edward Haddock Jr
Kimberly Hansen
Caroline Hargreaves
Doris Harrigan
Allison Hill
Gretchen Hollingsworth
Barbara Hulit
Gina Jansen
Seth Kaufman
David Kelly
Ellen Kirsh
Rahul Kishore
Lisa Koxlien
Sandra Kozel
Peter LaFleche
Sandy Leong-Gelfond
Patricia A Lucas
Chayah Masters
Howard Mavity
Charles Mudd
Edward Nahmias
Sharon Nehls
Peter Niehoff
Bryan OKeefe
Paul Panelli
Pishnu Peamchareon
Diane Philips
Jodi Pliskin

Laura Poitras
Matthew Ratner
Steven Rosenfeld
Howard R Rothwell
Celeste Roxbury
Lawrence Rubin
John Ruhl
Shawn Ryan
Angela M. Schmidt
Shauna Schmunk
Elizabeth Schwartz
William H Scripps
Russell A Smith
Pamela Stevenson
Chelsea R Stith
Curtis Tamkin
Katarina van Alebeek
Stephen Wallace
Amy Weis
Elaine Weis
Kaylene Whalen
Emily White
Kat White
Gayle Wieseneck
Lori L Wulfe
Thomas Zimmermann