Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Sundance Institute. We rely on dedicated volunteers from around the world to generously devote their time and commitment to the Sundance Film Festival, our Summer Labs, and our year-round programs that support independent storytelling. 

Volunteer for the Sundance Film Festival

Volunteering for the Sundance Film Festival is truly a one-of-a-kind experience! Every year, volunteers (most of whom return again and again) help create a global platform to celebrate independent film by collaborating with one another and supporting the mission behind what we do. The real benefit of volunteering isn’t the perks or even the films—it’s being part of a passionate community dedicated to supporting independent art and providing positive experiences for all.


Applications to volunteer for the 2025 Sundance Film Festival will open in August.


Please reach out to with any questions that you have in the meantime and check back here for updates as they become available.

2025 Sundance Film Festival Volunteer Application Guide

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Become a Festival Volunteer Today!

Before you apply, please take a moment to review our 2024 Volunteer Areas of Interest Catalog. This outlines the roles and teams that are available for the Festival this year.

Please note: Not every role is listed in the catalog as we also have a variety of specialized positions. If you have a question about a specific opportunity, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Festival Volunteers will be asked to select a volunteer type and commitment level when applying:

  • Volunteer Type: In-Person 
  • Commitment Level: 
    • Full Time
      • Your Volunteer Coordinator will assign you a shift every day of the Festival
      • On average these roles have shifts every day from January 17 to January 29. Required training and shifts outside of this date range are role dependent and subject to change.
      • On average, 7-8 hour shifts each day 
      • Approximate 80 hour schedule across 11 days of the Festival
        • Hours may be less if volunteering in Salt Lake City.
    • Part Time Assigned
      • Your Volunteer Coordinator will assign you a shift for approximately 6 consecutive days of the Festival
        • On average, these roles fall between January 17 to January 25. Required training and shifts outside of this date range are role dependent and subject to change.
      • On average, 7-8 hour shifts each day assigned
      • Approximate 40-48 hour schedule across 6 consecutive days of the Festival
    • Part Time Sign Up
      • On designated “Sign Up Days”, you will log in and select shifts posted across all Festival days that are available within your role placement 
      • 24 hour minimum total in collective shift hours must be met
      • On average, 6-8 hour shifts

NOTE: Priority for placement will be given to applicants that have already secured lodging.

Applicants will receive an automatic email response confirming we have received your application. Please note that applying to be a Festival Volunteer and receiving this automatic email response does not guarantee you will be offered placement. The Volunteer Resources Team will review applications on a rolling basis until each position has been filled. We place volunteers based on your answers to our required questions, experience, general availability, application submission date, and the needs of the Festival. If your skills, experience, and application answers align with any available positions, we will be in contact to place you in a role and move forward with next steps in regards to your schedule, trainings, and logistics. 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept every applicant to the Festival as we have limited roles available. With this understanding, you may not receive the role that you initially requested or we may not have a role that aligns with your expectations. We just ask that you be flexible and willing to support the Festival in any position that’s offered. If you are not selected for role placement, you can expect to receive an email in December from the Volunteer Resources Team notifying that your application will not move forward.

Please reach out to our team if you have any questions about the placement process or if you need to update or cancel your application. 

Applicants who have been selected and confirmed for a role will receive an onboarding email from a Volunteer Resources Coordinator. This email will include the Volunteer Agreement, Volunteer Expectations, Community Agreement, and the Position Description of the role you’ve been assigned. The paperwork included in this email should be completed as soon as possible as your official role placement is contingent upon signing and submitting. 

After you complete the onboarding paperwork, you can expect to be added to your team’s page on our volunteer management and scheduling website. This is how you will receive your schedule and information related to your volunteer experience. 

Please note that volunteering for the Sundance Film Festival does require attention to details, adherence to deadlines, and timely communication. Preparation and trainings may happen at any point after being placed in a role. If a volunteer chooses to accept a role, they should expect to set aside time to prepare for the Festival and meet deadlines as needed.

After all onboarding paperwork is completed, Volunteers can expect the following based on their commitment level :

Part Time Sign Up Volunteers will have a designated “Sign Up Day,” which is when shifts will become available to select. Typically in mid-December, these volunteers will log into their profiles and select shifts posted across all Festival days that are available and meet the required minimum hours within their role placement.

Full Time and Part Time Assigned Volunteers will receive their assigned schedules anytime between mid December through the beginning of January. (Depending on which team you’ve been assigned, some schedules may be delayed or updated as programming and operational needs of the Festival are finalized).

Additionally, required onsite or online training will also be provided for most Volunteer roles in the weeks and/or days leading up to the Festival. A welcome email from the team and training materials for review may also be sent ahead of time to ensure volunteers feel set up for success. At training, volunteers can expect to learn about the what, why, and how in relation to their role and additional expectations specific to their team.

Before the Festival, we will have several days for you to check-in, meet the team, and receive some of your Festival benefits.

After that, we encourage you to get out there and have fun! Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Festival and bring their energy, enthusiasm, and passion while helping thousands of film lovers and supporters of original storytelling. Between shifts, be sure to catch incredible films, make new friends, visit the Volunteer Hub, and take in the Festival atmosphere. We will be sharing regular updates throughout the Festival so that you can make the most of your time volunteering and walk away with some incredible memories and connections!

Student Groups at the Sundance Film Festival

Each Festival, we partner with university groups to bring students to Utah and experience the Festival as a volunteer. Volunteering at the Sundance Film Festival is a great way to meet new people from all over the world, experience groundbreaking films, and learn more about the film industry.

Student groups typically volunteer in our theaters, welcoming guests and ensuring the smooth operations of our venues on site. Students will gain insight into how our Festival works exercise their customer service skills to bring people together to celebrate independent film!

If you’re interested in bringing a student group to volunteer at the Festival, we ask that you review this Student Group Information Packet and fill out the Student Group Interest Form. Feel free to reach out to us to start the conversation! 

The 2025 Sundance Film Festival Volunteer Application

Volunteer for the Summer Labs

For the Sundance Directors Lab, invited up-and-coming artists (called Lab Fellows) will rehearse, shoot and edit scenes from their screenplays under the mentorship of accomplished Creative Advisors. Surrounded by seasoned professionals, yet removed from the typical pressures of production, Lab Fellows are offered a unique opportunity to see the script “on its feet,” develop skills, and take risks. 

As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to support the program by being a part of a Fellow’s production crew or through being a general, administration volunteer. 

Applications for the Sundance Summer Labs are now closed. We plan on sharing more information about available roles and the application process after the 2025 Sundance Film Festival.

Contact Us

If you have questions that are not addressed above, please feel free to contact us via email or call the Volunteer Resources Team at (435) 776-7870. Our working hours are Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MT.