The 2014 New Frontier Story Lab Fellows in animated GIFs

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The 2014 New Frontier Story Lab taking place at the Sundance Resort in Utah next month, (October 22nd-27th), will truly be a landmark moment in the evolution of the program. This year’s projects are undoubtedly pushing the boundaries of story and story design from a variety of deeply thoughtful approaches, from the conflict zone photojournalist, attempting to dissipate war by creating an embodied experience that humanizes the “enemy”; to the virtuosic performer using projection-mapped light and audience immersion to explore the dimensions between the creator and created; to the stand-up comedian looking to reinvent the one-hour comedy special by eliminating the distance between performer and  audience in his  exploration of the “new brown experience”; to the hybrid documentary/video game that throws its players into the fog of revolution, in which every decision leads to a historical truth; to the algorithm-based film that gives a real-time experience of the earth struggling through climate change in the context of our own social-media sourced testimony; to the deeply meditative game that affords players a rich aesthetic and philosophical year in the life of Thoreau at Walden Pond.  During a week-long immersive Lab, this year’s six creative teams will work with Creative Advisors to take their projects and their disciplines to new frontiers.


1979 Revolution

Vassiliki Khonsari and Navid Khonsari

1979 Revolution, the action/adventure game, immerses players in the gritty, euphoric streets of revolution – where the choices you make may betray you. Set in the actual events of 1979 Iran.


Walden, A Game

Tracy Fullerton and Lucas Peterson

Walden, A Game, simulates the experiment-in-living made by Henry David Thoreau at Walden Pond in 1845-47, allowing players to walk in his virtual footsteps, attend to the tasks of living a self-reliant existence, and discover in the beauty of a virtual landscape the ideas and writings of this unique philosopher.


 Heart Corps

Dandypunk and Darin Basile

Ink illustrations are brought to life with projection mapping and live performance, in a fully immersive, "walk-through", graphic novel experience.

Sakoon/Paint The Town

Hasan Minhaj and Greg Walloch

A participatory multi-platform journey with comedian Hasan Minhaj that explores the complicated and nuanced struggles of the "new brown experience" as an immigrant in America and inspires an enlightened approach to intolerance. The project includes a live solo show, radio broadcasts, feature film and interactive digital media.

Braden King and Matthew Moore

Weather is a multi-platform, multi-channel interactive installation that seeks to create a deeper and more tangible connection to the impact of Global Climate Change through emotional experience.



The Enemy

Karim Ben Khelifa and Chloé Jarry

The enemy is always invisible, when he becomes visible, he ceases to be the enemy.

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