The Sundance Institute | Kendeda Fund partnership offered granting and impact convenings to 4-6 projects per year aimed to change the way independent artists, influencers and the general public think about urgent contemporary issues. Grants aimed to support new work on the subjects of gun violence prevention and the environment, and were awarded in the following categories:

  • Development (up to $25,000)
  • Production/Post-Production (up to $50,000)
  • Impact (up to $25,000)

In addition to non-recoupable grants, the Fund also supported thoughtful impact campaigns to help these projects shape the public discourse on these themes.

Creative considerations included supporting exciting projects that sparked the curiosity of the filmmaker because of the incredible potential the story held for a powerful character-driven documentary that would take us into a world we may not have been familiar with.

The Sundance Institute | Kendeda Fund is no longer accepting applications.

The Kendeda Fund committed to spending out the remainder of its assets and end its grantmaking operations by the end of 2023. For further information, please visit the Kendeda Fund website.
Past Grant Opportunities:

People, Place, and Planet

Kendeda’s People, Place, and Planet program envisioned wellbeing for all within the ecological means of the planet. True sustainability links social and ecological challenges. The program sought a world that embeds an understanding of the earth’s planetary boundaries into solutions for more just and equitable societies. It also supported storytelling and storytellers exploring new ways to understand human relationship with the environment, specifically how communities are shifting energy systems, economies, livelihoods, and lifestyles to survive and thrive in balance with nature.

Gun Violence Prevention

Kendeda’s Gun Violence Prevention program sought to unite unexpected partners around replicable strategies for long-term change, building on creative community-led efforts to find new, productive pathways toward a less violent society. The program invested in storytelling that moves beyond tragedy reporting and other traditional frames to focus instead on points of agreement, creative solutions, and models of progress. It also supported emerging leaders and new voices working at the intersection of gun violence prevention, criminal justice reform, racial equity, and poverty.

Completed Projects

Akicita: The Battle For Standing Rock
Director: Cody Lucich
Producer: Gingger Shankar

Always in Season
Director: Jacqueline Olive
Producers: Jessica Devaney, Jacqueline Olive

Lead Artist: Lynette Wallworth
Producer: Nicole Newnham

Charm City

Director: Marilyn Ness
Producer: Danielle Varga

Director: Karl Malakunas
Producers: Marty Syjuco, Michael Collins
Recipient of a Production and a Post-production Grant

Harvest Season
Director: Bernardo Ruiz
Producers: Lauren Rosenfeld, Bernardo Ruiz

Hollow Tree (Kendeda Impact Grant)
Director: Kira Akerman
Producers: Monique Walton, Chachi Hauser
Recipient of a Production and an Impact Grant

Inventing Tomorrow
Director: Laura Nix
Producers: Diane Becker, Melanie Miller, Laura Nix

Director: Andrew Burton
Producer: Michael Kirby Smith

Director: Kim A. Snyder
Producers: Maria Cuomo Cole, Kim A. Snyder

Our Seeds
Director: Erhan Arık
Producers: Meryem Yavuz, Manuel Rees, Frank Carsten Walter

Razing Liberty Square
Director: Katja Esson
Producers: Katja Esson, Ann Bennett, Corinna Sager, Ronald Baez
Recipient of a Production and an Impact Grant

Directors: Anjali Nayar, Hawa Essuman
Producers: Steven Markovitz, Anjali Nayar

The Territory
Director: Alex Pritz
Producers: Gabriel Uchida, Will N. Miller, Lizzie Gillett, Sigrid Dyekjaer, Darren Aronofsky
Recipient of a Production and an Impact Grant

Tigre Gente
Director: Elizabeth Unger
Producers: Violet Feng, Joanna Natasegara

When Claude Got Shot
Director: Brad Lichtenstein
Producer: Talleah Bridges

The Body Politic
Director: Gabriel Francis Paz Goodenough 
Producers: Dawne Langford, Gabriel Francis Paz Goodenough

Us Kids
Director: Kim A. Snyder
Producers: Maria Cuomo Cole, Lori Cheatle


Projects in Production:

A Journey Into The Storm
Director: Sandra Salas
Producer: Dwjuan F. Fox

Director: Alex J. Bledsoe
Producer: Alex J. Bledsoe

Untitled Uvalde Documentary
Director: Anayansi Prado
Producers: Anayansi Prado, Mary Recine, David Goldblum