We Stand with Artists from Around the World Against the Immigration Ban

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Sundance Institute stands in solidarity with artists in our global community. Freedom of expression and freedom of movement are inextricably linked. Banning Muslims from particular countries is not simply a U.S. policy debate. Rather, it is a global human rights violation. And while art may sometimes find a way into the broader world no matter the obstacles put to it, we must speak to these obstacles in the strongest voice possible.

Additionally, in an equally strong voice we take this opportunity to acknowledge the artists and documentary subjects from Muslim majority countries who joined us this week in Utah, at the Sundance Film Festival, to share their powerful and inspiring work capable of building bridges of understanding, in the face of walls of exclusion and confrontation. Their stories must be told and must not be silenced.

Closing our borders to these and other artists is an unacceptable attempt to stop the exchange of ideas and inspiration that are so vital to the global community. We stand with them and with all people seeking refuge from violence or persecution who are now denied entry to our country.

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