We Need Your Votes!

Sundance Institute has been selected as one of the candidates for funding through Members Project® from American Express and TakePart. You can help us win $200,000 by ensuring that Sundance Institute receives the highest number of votes in the Arts & Culture category on the TakePart website.

All you have to do is register for Members Project and cast a vote for us each week from August 30 to November 21. That’s only 12 clicks towards $200,000!

As a nonprofit organization, Sundance Institute uses vital funding opportunities to provide creative support to independent film and theatre artists from around the world. Through our many Labs, artist programs, and the Sundance Film Festival, we provide independent artists with a platform to share their stories with international audiences. Sundance Institute has been behind such great projects as Precious, Waiting for Superman, Reservoir Dogs, and Spring Awakening. Check out our Online Archives to see the independent artists we’ve supported since 1981.

After the three-month voting period is complete, Members Project tallies the votes and announces the winners. Every vote counts and you can take these small steps right now to make certain that original storytelling will always have a voice:

Step 1: Sign up for our weekly email reminder so you will never have to feel bad about forgetting to vote.

Step 2: Vote! All you have to do is visit the Members Project site here, click “register to vote” and register (remember your username and password so you can sign in during the following weeks) and then vote for Sundance Institute under the “Arts & Culture” category.

Step 3: Spread the word to your family and friends through email, Facebook, and Twitter! Ask everyone you know to support independent film and theatre by voting for Sundance Institute.

Sample tweet: Vote independent! Help #Sundance win $200,000 in funding for their creative Labs and artists programs. http://bit.ly/aV6nYo

Sample Facebook post: I just voted. Did you? Please help me win $200,000 for Sundance Institute to continue their important work supporting independent film and theatre. Visit www.sundance.org/blog/entry/we-need-your-votes/ to learn more!

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 and 3 every week to make sure Sundance Institute receives the much-needed $200,000 to fund our creative Labs and artists programs.

We can’t do this without YOU! Please get the word out to vote for Sundance Institute. Click here to learn more about the work that we do for independent film and theatre artists.

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