Tell Your Festival Story With Gowalla

On Monday morning we'll load up the Gowalla Airstream trailer and begin making the haul from Austin to Park City to join in the wintertime cinematic festivities. We hope to make the trek in two days, stopping en route along the way in Taos, Durango and wherever else we can manage to pass through the mountains.

This will most certainly be an epic road trip for a few of us at Gowalla. And once we arrive, the fun (and the work for us) begins. So you know, Gowalla is a mobile app that helps you keep up with your friends' whereabouts, sharing your favorite places, photos, stories, and events along the way. We're thrilled to be a part of Sundance Film Festival this year, and we hope you'll join in sharing the experience with us.

After you grab Gowalla for your iPhone or Android phone, here are just a few of the things you can do with Gowalla while your in Park City for the Festival:

  • Keep up with WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW. Tap the Spot tab in Gowalla to find a list of spots close by or tap on the Chase Sapphire banner on the same screen to see all of the official Spots for the Festival including screenings, parties, and events going on now or in the near future. You can see what's hot, where you should go next, and find other tips and tidbits about the places around you.
  • Check in to SHARE WHAT YOU'RE UP TO. Tap Check In to let your friends know where you are or what event you're attending. You'll show up in your friend's Gowalla activity and they'll receive a push notification letting them know where you're at. You can even post your check-in to other services like Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare.
  • CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK AND TWITTER. Gowalla makes it easy to share and keep up with friends across these other social services.
  • POST PHOTOS of the action. See something cool? Share it with the world. The photos you upload are shared with your friends and also appear on the Gowalla event or place page for posterity! Of course you can always go back and see all your photos from the Sundance Film Festival by signing into your account at
  • SHARE YOUR HIGHLIGHTS. See an amazing film? Eat something tasty? Witness a life altering sunset? Let the world know by tapping Add Highlight from any event or spot page. We'll be taking the best photos and highlights and feeding them to the Park City Gowalla page.
  • Visit THE GOWALLA AIRSTREAM at New Frontier at the Miners Hopsital. We'll be set up—hopefully with some hot chocolate—to answer your questions, listen to your feedback, and to pass out some gifts. Which brings us to our next point...
  • There are SOME AWESOME GIFTS to be found with Gowalla at the Sundance Film Festival courtesy of the Festival's official sponsor community. In addition to some snuggly Gowalla hats and scarves we're bringing along, Chase Sapphire, Acura, Southwest Airlines, and Sundance Channel are also giving away some wonderful items for folks who use Gowalla at the Festival. These include premier tickets, party passes, cashmere hand warmers, and more. Sounds like you could even get the hookup at one of Park City's finest food trucks.
  • TELL YOUR STORY. More than anything, we want you to share your Festival story with your friends. With Gowalla it's easy to track the places you go and events you attend. It's like having a passport and travel diary on your phone. It's time to get going!

Download Gowalla today from the iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace. There are also apps available for Blackberry and Palm. You may also want to follow Gowalla on Twitter for up-to-the-moment information about Gowalla and the Sundance Film Festival. Then come meet us next week at New Frontier at the Miners Hospital. We'll have something special for you just for checking in. See you soon!

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