Rule-Breaking A Cappella at the Music Cafe

The purpose of the Sundance ASCAP Music Café is to introduce potential musicians to potential filmmakers, and to new fans as well. For me, it also seemed like a pretty great place to duck out of the snows coating Main Street and get warm. (Apologies for the repetitiveness; warmth seems to be a popular topic round these parts.)

When I ducked into the Music Café this morning for a bit of respite from the snow, I was a greeted by a group called Sonos, and before I say anything else about them, I should let you know that I'm pretty much not the biggest a cappella fan in the world. But wait, what's this? Pedal effects on the mics? A Fleet Foxes cover? This is rule-breaking a cappella, and rule-breaking a cappella I can get behind.

One of the male vocalists shouted out to the crowd: "Does anybody like Radiohead?" A hearty "whoo!" came back. "I hope this doesn't piss you off then," he replied, before jumping into an a capella version of "Everything In Its Right Place." Who knew broody British musicians lent themselves so well to the medium of a cappella? They thanked some guy at back for actually moving to their rendition of The Jacksons' "I Want You Back," and I ordered a bloody mary from the waitress. I hadn't even managed to grab lunch yet, but I figure the tomato juice had me covered for my daily vegetable needs.

I settled in on the back of a couch, dangling precariously in the crowded space over an older gentleman with a British accent that may or may not have been real (The accent, not the gentleman. He was real. Or was he robot?) and waited for the next act: Colin Devlin, who promised all sorts of songs about love, ostensibly written in darkened bedrooms. With an Irish accent.

If you had no place to be, no films to see, no panels to attend, it would be so easy to get lost in the coziness of Music Café for an entire day. Alas, I had to move on to trysts with robots, and couldn't stay for the other acts. Luckily, I have many days ahead of me to catch the other artists I missed but wanted to see. I'm looking right at you, Brendan Benson. Someone save me a seat on the couch.

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