'Possibilia': The Daniels' Interactive "Non-Breakup Breakup Story"

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The self-proclaimed “non-breakup breakup story” Possibilia is an interactive experience that’s “set in the multiverse … whatever that means.” In a choose-your-own-adventure–like encounter, the viewer takes an active role in the story of a young couple as they contemplate breaking up.

Alex Karpovsky and Zoe Jarman star as Rick and Pollie, who, depending on the scenes you choose, are found either fighting on the front lawn to stay together or resignedly discussing the inevitable at the kitchen table.

With each viewing showcasing a different dizzying conversation that anyone who’s been through a breakup can relate to, Possibilia leaves you feeling purposely unsatisfied as it collapses in on itself, mirroring the couple’s circling around their unresolved question.

Possibilia, by directing duo the Daniels, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was an official selection of the 2015 Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier category. The Daniels’ feature film Swiss Army Man, which won the won the U.S. Dramatic Directing Award at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, is now playing in theaters nationwide. Watch their short film below.

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