Get Out There

If you’re anything like me, you can remember the great stand alone movie theatres of your youth; back when seeing a movie was a night out in your home town. As we move more and more toward curling up at home to see the latest releases, it’s hard not to miss the audience experience.

September always seems like a good time to make better choices, start fresh, get new school supplies…so with that in mind, we thought we’d highlight the very cool independent movie theatres likely to be in your own backyard.

In 2005, Sundance Institute started the Art House Project, a way to grow the community of small, independent theatres across the country. There are 17 art houses in the collective and a recent count showed that 15 films from the 2010 Sundance Film Festival are now playing in those 17 theatres, including Restrepo, Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child, and Animal Kingdom.

And, as of last month, we’ll hopefully have even more locally owned theatres to call home. Michael Moore, champion of all things grassroots, and Sundance Film Festival alum, recently announced that he is setting up a fund to help communities revive their dying single-screen theatres.

He explained it this way, "One of our goals is to create an economic boost, particularly in struggling downtown areas; another is to save the art of cinema and encourage great films to be made."

Great minds think alike, Mike, it’s a good time to be an indie film fan.  Get out there…

Ann Arbor, MI              Michigan Theater

Bellingham, WA          Pickford Cinema

Boulder, CO                 International Film Series

Brookline, MA             Coolidge Corner Theatre

Brooklyn NY                 BAM Cinemas

Chicago, IL                  The Music Box

Columbia, MO             Ragtag Cinema

Nashville, TN               Belcourt Theatre

Oklahoma City, OK      Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Orlando, FL                  Enzian Theater

Pleasantville, NY         Jacob Burns Film Center

Portland, OR                Hollywood Theatre

Salt Lake City, UT        Broadway Centre Cinemas

San Luis Obispo, CA    The Palm

San Rafael, CA            Rafael Film Center

Tucson, AZ,                 The Loft

Waterville, ME            Railroad Square Cinema


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