‘Jack Goes Boating’ Is About to Set Sail

With Philip Seymour Hoffman’s directorial debut Jack Goes Boating scheduled to open nationwide September 23, we thought a little schooling on Mr. Hoffman’s Sundance Institute history was appropriate.

In addition to Jack Goes Boating, which was in the Premieres category at the 2010 Film Festival, Philip Seymour Hoffman was an actor in Mary and Max (2009), The Savages (2007), the Park City at Midnight film Strangers with Candy (2005), Owning Mahowny (2003), Love Liza (2002), and Montana from the 1998 Film Festival.

Mr. Hoffman has also participated in the Feature Film Program’s Directors Lab as both a Creative Advisor in 2005 and an actor in 2004, where he worked on Kazuo Ohno’s project, Mr. Crumpacker and the Man From the Letter. Hoffman has remained connected to the project and earlier this year his production company announced that Mr. Crumpacker was slated to begin production.

A few other fun facts. . . Philip Seymour Hoffman was the artistic director on several of Bob Glaudini’s plays. Bob Glaudini was the playwright and screenwriter for Jack Goes Boating and was also a participant at the Sundance Institute Theatre Program’s 2008 Playwrights Retreat at Ucross.

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