The 2011 Snowflake: Milk Jug

Over the next few months we’ll be chronicling memorable moments in Festival history as we reveal the mystery behind the 2011 snowflake icon. This week we break down the milk jug.

Harvey Milk movie poster

Harvey Milk on a poster for Rob Epstein's 1985 film.

An emotionally stirring film aptly funded by an immense grassroots effort, The Times of Harvey Milk honors the legacy of the fallen gay activist and first openly gay elected official in United States history. In true "indie" spirit, more than 850 individual contributions provided for the better part of the film's funding. The Times of Harvey Milk earned the Sundance Film Festival's first documentary award in 1985 and took home an Academy Award later that year.

Director Rob Epstein combines archival footage and personal interviews in this poignant depiction of the political ascension and senseless assassination of San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk. The milk jug icon is a chilling reminder that the battle against intolerance is an arduous and ongoing one.


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