NPR Trivia Night: A Fest-Friendly Competition

Day Eight of the 2022 Sundance Festival brought viewers together through a friendly game of movie trivia presented by NPR. Over three rounds, host Aisha Harris (NPR) and Trivia Master Terry Simon fed trivia questions to a virtual audience as they competed to take the top titles and win prizes. 

Some festivalgoers competed in teams while others went solo, and ultimately, prizes went to the following (and hilariously named) champions: KISS KISS BANG BANG, We Triv in a Society, and solo player Lauren Chouinard, who laughed via Zoom, “This is so exciting! I never win anything!” 

Teams were quizzed on pop-culture cinema as well as Sundance Film Festival-themed questions about past winning films. But perhaps the most comical and entertaining part of the event were the team names. All Daft No Punk, Dunder Mifflin Team B, The Flickas, and Trivia Cassidy and the Sunshine Kids, all deserve honorable mentions.