Update for Festival Ticket Package Holders Due to the Shift Online

The Sundance Institute is, first and foremost, a nonprofit arts organization whose entire mission is dedicated to championing the art of independent storytelling in all of its forms. Year round we strive to provide and preserve the space for artists in film and media to create and have sustainable careers. One of the main ways that we are able to support these artists, programs, and opportunities is through revenue generated from the Sundance Film Festival. 

Despite our ambitious protocols for in-person gathering, the Omicron variant with its unexpectedly high transmissibility rates has pushed the limits of health safety, travel, and other infrastructures across the country, and particularly in our Utah locations, making this shift to online the only option at this point in the pandemic. Omicron is hitting Park City especially hard the latest data shows Summit County has the fifth-highest rate in the country of new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents. The health and safety of our global community isn’t just important to us, it is at the center of everything we do because we are all in this together.

We share your disappointment at not being able to gather in person this year. For the Sundance Institute, this shift comes at a great loss, emotionally, experientially and financially, as we have already incurred the steep costs associated with producing this live event, even though it will not take place in person. The design of a hybrid Festival also required a significant investment in the digital platform to safeguard the possibilities of a more accessible Festival for artists and audiences. Our vision for a hybrid festival is what has allowed us to make this necessary shift to protect our community.  

We rely heavily on the Film Festival to continue our mission-centered work and the financial implications of this shift will inevitably require us to reduce the support to artists that we provide year round. This is the last thing we want to do as a nonprofit Institute, and is one of the reasons why our hybrid products were set up as nonrefundable. We need to be able to continue to champion the essential storytellers of this generation.

While the 2022 iteration of the Sundance Film Festival has shifted our Utah planned events online, our number one priority sharing our artists’ work with our community has never shifted, and it has never been more important. We appreciate that the pivot to all-online does not provide the in-person experience that hybrid package holders were anticipating; however, we are providing a similar online festival that can be enjoyed safely by all attendees. The Festival has always been about the community and, next week, we will still join together to discover new perspectives, inspirations, and stories. 

We look forward to audiences bringing their love of independent film and artists to our online platform. While at the time of purchase all products were clearly noted as non-refundable, we have the following options for those who purchased a full price hybrid or in person ticket package (includes Festival Package, Salt Lake City Package, Awards Package, Industry Package). These ticket package holders can choose to add additional film screening tickets to packages this year OR a partial credit towards the purchase of a 2023 Festival package when they become available. Additionally, you can gift the product you have purchased to a family member or friend, convert the purchase into a tax-deductible donation or a membership at the same cost. 

Festival Package, Industry Package: For those who purchased a full priced Festival Package or Industry Package we are offering a $200 credit to apply towards a ticket product purchase next year of equal or greater value OR an additional 10 complimentary single film tickets, also with a value of $200, to be used this Festival.

Salt Lake City Package, Awards Package: For those who purchased the Salt Lake City Package or the Awards Package, we are offering a $100 credit you can apply towards a ticket product purchase next year of equal or greater value OR an additional 5 complimentary single film tickets, also with a value of $100, to be used this Festival. 

To take advantage of these options, ticket package holders for the above products need to notify customer service (or their Sundance Film Festival representative) by Tuesday January 18 at 5:00 p.m. MT. The offered credit for next year’s Festival is available for package purchases made through December 31, 2022. It is not transferable and any amount unused will not be refunded. Any unused single tickets will become void at the end of the last day of the Festival January 30, 2022.

We are excited to kick off the 2022 Sundance Film Festival next week. We value and are humbled by your continued support of the arts, independent film, the Sundance Institute and Sundance FIlm Festival.