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2014 June Screenwriters Lab by Fred Hayes

As a longtime Presenting Sponsor of the Sundance Film Festival and Sundance London, HP was striving for the opportunity to have deeper connection with a filmmaker team as a vehicle to strengthen their support of independent storytelling.

HP recently initiated a Fellowship to further support emerging talent who have exhibited strength and innovation relating to technology. The 2014 Fellows are Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, working on their film Swiss Army Man. The support from HP has propelled the Daniels to dedicate work on this project and sustain their efforts. The Daniels have participated in the Directors Lab, Creative Producing Summit and Composers/Sound Design Lab at Skywalker Sound.

Sundance Institute (SI): What drew you to The Daniels for the HP Fellowship?
HP: The Daniels struck us immediately as two young men who placed freedom of expression and the pursuit of innovation at the heart of their approach to storytelling. This, together with an inherent passion for the craft of filmmaking, a thirst to learn and an infectious enthusiasm for their work, made the decision to support them very easy and very exciting.

SI: What is the most exciting thing about the Fellowship to HP?
HP: The thing that we find so exciting about the Fellowship is that it gives us an opportunity to join a filmmaker at the very beginning of their Sundance journey. Having been involved with the Institute and the Festival for as long as we have, we’ve been privileged to see some wonderful and unique creative voices emerge across every genre of filmmaking. To be able to participate in what is simply the purest and the rawest facet of the Sundance vision and to be able to support a young filmmaker who could become the latest in a long line of creative icons that the Institute has nurtured is incredibly exciting for us.

SI: As a dedicated supporter of the Institute, why add this Fellowship now?
HP: 2014 was our 12th year of being a Presenting Sponsor and Technology Partner of the Sundance Institute. For us, the partnership has always been one of profound importance and has served as a platform to showcase not only our technology leadership but also the commitment we have to enabling creativity through innovation, a vision shared with Sundance Institute. The time seemed right to explore this new opportunity to further strengthen our relationship with the Institute and partner with two young independent filmmakers who’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation mirrors ours.

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2014 June Screenwriters Lab by Fred Hayes