#ArtistServices Releases 14 New Titles Across Digital Platforms

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"La Ciudad," 1999 Sundance Film Festival

In our four years, this is the best and biggest release of titles #ArtistServices has supported. The titles being released today, across multiple platforms and multiple territories, reflects our commitment to diversity, our spirit of collaboration, and the fearlessness our filmmakers embody in their storytelling and the way they handle their business.

First, many of these titles came our way through #ArtistServices non-profit alliance – organizations with values and missions similar to Sundance Institute. These include Austin Film Society, Bertha Foundation, BRITDOC, Cinereach, Film Independent, IFP, The San Francisco Film Society. Each of those organizations nominate up to five films per year that can live under our digital distribution deals, and work with us year-round on educational endeavors, workshops, and other initiatives. These titles include Above All Else (Austin Film Society), which premiered at SXSW 2014 and portrays the real people on the frontlines of XL Keystone Pipeline battle; American Revolutionary (Film Independent), which premiered at the 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival and is a portrait on one of the great Asian American activists our country has produced; Evolution of a Criminal (Austin Film Society + IFP), an earnest and gripping examination of a reformed bank robber and winner of multiple awards at several film festivals; Something, Anything (IFP), currently in theaters and a New York Times Critics Pick; Sweet Dreams (San Francisco Film Society), an inspirational story of a female drumming troupe opening Rwanda’s first local ice cream shop; Welcome to the Machine (IFP), a deep and engaging documentary about the relationship between humans and technology inspired by the director’s fathering of triplets; and Yakona (Austin Film Society), a visual tour-de-force documentary about a vital Texas river.

Sundance Institute’s commitment to diversity is on display with these titles, in front of and behind the camera. Films like Before You Know It (Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program), a winning documentary about LGBTQ seniors navigating life’s challenges; Water & Power (Sundance Institute Feature Film Program), an epic Angelino tale of corruption and ambition based on director Richard Montoya’s stage play; and Valley of Saints (2012 Sundance Film Festival); a tale of unlikely romance forming while violence threatens an idyllic lakeside town in Kashmir.

Two of our selections, La Ciudad (Sundance Film Festival, 1999) and Trans (Sundance Film Festival, 2001), are classic, visually stunning narrative titles from Sundance’s turn-of-the-century independent film renaissance making their digital debuts.

Finally, there are two titles that, in keeping with Sundance’s commitment to originality, defy description. Charlie Victor Romeo (2013 Sundance Film Festival) is a performance documentary from a well-known art troupe that reenacts actual “in the cockpit” airplane crash/near-crash black-box recordings; and, finally, The Foxy Merkins (2014 Sundance NEXT FEST & 2014 Sundance Film Festival), a screwball comedy about a lesbian hooker-in-training who teams up with a sexy grifter in a wild take on the male-hustler genre.

These titles are all being released by these artists directly. They own their own rights, they control their process, and they’ll receive the lions’ share of every sale that’s made. Join us in supporting their work!

If you are a Sundance Alumni interested in learning how #ArtistServices can help you self-distribute, contact us at artistservices@sundance.org.


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"La Ciudad," 1999 Sundance Film Festival