Brendan Benson at the Sundance ASCAP Music Cafe

I made it back to the Sundance ASCAP Music Café yesterday just in time to catch Brendan Benson's final set at the Festival. Full admission: I've had a musical crush on Brendan Benson ever since college, when his song "Maginary Girl" was a frequent guest on our dorm room stereo. He's a fantastic pop tunesmith, and seeing him perform at the Music Café was a big highlight of my week so far. The room was packed, and hot, and when the staff opened a side door to let in some cool mountain air, the fans waiting outside were treated to their own sideline view of the stage. Brendan and the band smiled at the sight of the fans dancing in the snow; the fans smiled back.

I still can't get over how happy everyone is around here; what is this magical place?

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