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On May 18 in Los Angeles, the Sundance Institute Film Music Program will host the third annual ComposersLab: L.A. featuring a series of informative conversations and interactive networking opportunities with renowned composers and industry professionals. The Lab offers film composers insight into the process of creating music for film. In anticipation of the event, we’ve curated a Spotify playlist showcasing some of the iconic work of our Advisors for this Lab.

All of these amazing artists have been full-time composer Advisors at one of our Summer Composers Labs throughout the years. A few of them have participated in this one-day Lab in the past as well. It is hard to pick  just a few tracks for each one of these talented composers because all of them have such hefty and impressive bodies of work. So, I tried to pick work from each of them that I personally admire. Clint Mansell’s work on Stoker I felt needed to be mentioned since it’s so current and amazing. The voice he gives the piano throughout the score is haunting and beautiful, and getting a track to sound both menacing and innocent can’t be easy. Among his tracks that I’ve included is “In Full Bloom,” my favorite piece from the film.

Aaron Zigman is a master of themes and I love the emotionality of all his work. I had to shout out the Sex And The City movie soundtrack because it was the best part about the film. Also, where I come from (Utah) so many kids love to play ‘Steve’s Theme’ on the piano. It’s practically part of the local curriculum.

Rolfe Kent is such a  truly diverse composer that I wanted to pick a few pieces that demonstrated his range. Who doesn’t love the creepy opening for Dexter? And his work on the Sideways soundtrack I have always considered musical wit.

Thomas Newman is a wizard. Plain and simple. Everything he does is golden and epic. I had to choose some work from Finding Nemo because I think universally it is magical—so many people respond to it. Plus, I can’t wait to see what he is going to do on the sequel. His work on Shawshank Redemption is astonishing, and of course I had to include his recent compositions on Skyfall, as I think it showed him working outside of his comfort zone to great effect. All of these Composers are so talented and influential in the industry right now. We are lucky to have them as friends of the Sundance Institute Film Music Program and value their support and contributions to our mission.

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