10 on #Transmedia v8: Spotlight on Ryan Foran

As we wrapped up our first-ever New Frontier Story Lab at the Sundance Resort in Utah, we took a few minutes to check in with 10 guests as they checked out on their way home.  Our eighth interview is with Ryan Foran, Coordinator for the Sundance Institute Technology Department.  Ryan ran around the Lab making sure all the advisors and fellows were logged and plugged in.

1)      Do you know what transmedia is, yes or no?  I’m beginning to think that nobody really knows exactly what can be classified as transmedia.  The word literally means “Across Substances.”  So I guess anything that is conveyed via more than one form of media.

2)      Using only one word, how would you describe it?  Transcending.

3)      Which is more important?  Storytelling or Technology?  You can only pick one.  With this form, you can’t tell the story without the technology.  The technology doesn’t convey anything without a story.  Chicken or the Egg?  I’ll go with technology because it pays my rent.

4)      What do you do?  What’s your passion?  I support the technology of Sundance Institute with the overall goal of supporting artists and storytelling.  I love creating and completing things where I can step back and be pleased with the final result. I love innovating and overcoming obstacles to improve people’s lives.

5)      What transmedia website, article, project or person are you really excited about right now?  I think all the projects at the Lab were incredibly exciting.  I’ve pondered a lot on Question Bridge.  I think it has great potential to transform the landscape of our society through interpersonal understanding.

6)      Why do you think it’s taken so long for transmedia to be taken seriously?  I think any media that is actively consumed between checking Facebook and watching LoLCatz on YouTube in your underwear … you see where I’m going with this?  I think the more these kinds of projects are represented publically, more than in passing, the more they will be seriously considered.  That’s what I love about Sundance.

7)      Who or what first helped you understand it?  When did you hear about it for the first time?  It’s one of those things I never knew the name for, but always enjoyed.

8)      Have you been to the Owl Bar on this trip, yes or no?  Of course.  How else would I buy Kristin Feeley birthday beers?

9) What piece of technology could you simply not give up right now?  My Android phone.  

10)   What was the most exciting thing that happened to you at the first-ever New Frontier Lab?  Everything.  Great experience.  The discussions and presentations were incredibly intriguing.  I made a lot of great new friends.

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