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Short Film at Sundance Film Festival

Short films come in all shapes and sizes, forms and formalities. Animation, documentary, narrative, and experimental stories are chosen to reflect the diversity and breadth of each year's pool of submissions. The Sundance Film Festival accepts content that is 49 minutes or under for the Short Film category. Click here for more details on submitting your short film to the Sundance Film Festival. Browse the short films that were part of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival lineup or read the announcement of the 2012 Short Film Program.


The Sundance Film Festival celebrates the short form worldwide, from the high mountains of Park City to the online realm. The Sundance Film Festival's Short Film Program has long been established as a place to discover talented directors, such as past alums Wes Anderson, Todd Haynes, Spike Jonze, Paul Thomas Anderson, David O. Russell, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Tamara Jenkins, Ted Demme, Tim Blake Nelson, Alexander Payne, Paul Dinello, Martin McDonagh, Jason Reitman, and many others.

Shorts Online

For nearly a decade, the Sundance Film Festival has celebrated and exhibited short films in the online arena. Over the years, we've worked with iTunes, Netflix, Xbox, GSM, and YouTube in helping filmmakers reach a broad audience online. From selling shorts for the filmmakers' profit, to offering them free for audiences to enjoy, we're always on the lookout for new ways the Festival can be both a leader and pioneer of the online frontier.

2014 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour: Animation


A rambunctious ride from some of the world's most creative animators, the Sundance Film Festival Animated Short Film Tour is a 95-minute theatrical program of eight animated shorts from past editions of the January Festival. The 2014 program ranges in vivid style from handmade drawing and painting to puppetry, with stories of love, art, bubbles, nudism, the creation of the universe and what it all means to you.


Written and directed by Julia Pott. United Kingdom, 7 minutes.
Oscar is coming of age, against his better judgment. In doing so he must experience the necessary evil of leaving something behind, but can still feel it in the pit of his stomach.

It's Such A Beautiful Day
Written and directed by Don Hertzfeldt. USA, 23 minutes.
In the third and final chapter to Don Hertzfeldt's Everything Will Be OK, Bill finds himself in a hospital struggling with memory problems.

Marilyn Myller
Written and directed by Mikey Please. USA/United Kingdom, 6 minutes.
Marilyn maketh. Marilyn taketh awayeth. Marilyn is trying really hard to create something good. For once, her expectation and reality are going to align. It will be epic. It will be tear-jerkingly profound. It will be perfect. Nothing can go wrong.

The Obvious Child
Written and directed by Stephen Irwin. United Kingdom, 12 minutes.
Somebody broke the girl's parents. The rabbit was there when it happened. It was an awful mess.

Oh Willy…
Written and directed by Marc James Roels and Emma De Swaef. Belgium/France/Netherlands, 17 minutes.
Willy returns to his naturalist roots as he bungles his way into noble savagery.

Subconscious Password
Written and directed by Chris Landreth. Canada, 11 minutes.
Chris Landreth, the director of the Academy Award–winning short RYAN, plays Charles, a man paralyzed by his inability to remember a friend's name. Thus begins a mind-bending romp through a game show of the unconscious—complete with animated celebrity guests.

Voice on the Line
Written and directed by Kelly Sears. USA, 7 minutes.
The era of nuclear anxiety, the Red scare, and covert CIA plots forever changed the way we engage with the telephone.

Written and directed by Bernardo Britto. USA, 6 minutes.
Short Film Jury Award: Animation, Sundance 2014
A man is hired to compile the definitive history of human existence before the planet blows up.

Full program = 90 minutes

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2014 Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour: Live Action


Showcasing a wide variety of story and style, the Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour is a 94-minute theatrical program of eight short films from the 2014 edition of the January Festival, which over the course of its 30-year history has been widely considered the premier showcase for short films and the launchpad for careers of many now-prominent independent filmmakers. With both fiction and documentary, the diverse 2014 program ranges from beautiful insight and the struggle to understand life to a hilarious, all-too familiar government deposition.


Written and directed by Frances Bodomo. USA, 12 minutes.
It's July 16, 1969: America is preparing to launch Apollo 11. Thousands of kilometers away, a group of Zambian exiles are trying to beat America to the moon.

The Cut
Short Film Jury Award: International Fiction
Written and directed by Geneviève Dulude-Decelles. Canada, 15 minutes.
The Cut tells the story of a father and a daughter, whose relationship fluctuates between proximity and detachment, at the moment of a haircut.

Directed by Rose McGowan, Written by M.A. Fortin, Joshua John Miller. USA, 17 minutes.
Dawn is a quiet young teenager who longs for something or someone to free her from her sheltered life.

I Think This Is the Closest to How the Footage Looked
Short Film Jury Award: Non-fiction
Directed by Yuval Hameiri, Co-Director: Michal Vaknin. Israel, 9 minutes.
A man with poor means recreates a lost memory of the last day with his mom. Objects come to life in a desperate struggle to produce a single moment that is gone.

I'm a Mitzvah
Directed by Ben Berman, Written by Ben Berman, Josh Cohen. USA, 19 minutes.
A young American man spends one last night with his deceased friend while stranded in rural Mexico.

Love. Love. Love.
Short Film Special Jury Award: Non-fiction
Directed by Sandhya Daisy Sundaram. Russia, 12 minutes.
Every year, through the endless winters, her love takes new shapes and forms.

MeTube: August Sings Carmen “Habanera”
Written and directed by Daniel Moshel. Austria, 5 minutes.
George Bizet`s "Habanera" from Carmen has been reinterpreted and enhanced with electronic sounds for MeTube, a homage to thousands of ambitious YouTube users and video bloggers, and gifted and less gifted self-promoters on the Internet.

Directed by Brett Weiner, Screenwriter: Court Document. USA, 7 minutes.
A jaded lawyer wastes an afternoon trying to figure out if a dim-witted government employee has ever used a photocopier. All the dialogue in this short comes from an actual deposition filed with the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Full program = 94 minutes

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Sundance Institute Presents: ShortsLab

Recognizing the important role shorts have in cinema, storytelling, and culture, Sundance Institute presents ShortsLab to help empower the next generation of artists. Filmmakers are invited to participate in this seminar of Sundance-organized panels and discussions to offer firsthand insight and access into the world of story development, production, working with cast and crew, and how to get the most out of making a short film.

Our goal is to empower the next wave of emerging artists by giving them first-hand insight into the basics of developing their idea, to making their film, to getting it seen by audiences. Focusing on narrative short-form storytelling, each event will be packed with panels, discussions, and screenings with a wide-ranging mix of filmmakers and industry professionals and will conclude with a reception to network with fellow shorts filmmakers.

Check back here for information about 2015 ShortsLabs