Secrets of the Tribe goes deeper

Secrets of the Tribe producer Mike Chamberlain is filling in at Sundance for director José Padilha, currently shooting the sequel to his Berlin fest winner "Elite Squad."

At the film's after-party, he explained the recent controversy involving a French broadcaster who wants to pull out of the film. Pahilha's doc takes certain anthropology academics to task for abusing the civilizations they are studying.

The French broadcaster, in turn, took the filmmakers to task for the drumming French intellectual icon Claude Lévi-Strauss gets.

"They called it embarrassing and wanted it recut to show more context," said Chamberlain.  Secrets of the Tribe uncovers evidence of heinous crimes committed by some anthropologists working in the Amazon Basin in the '70s.  In abusing and contorting the ancient systems of government within these tribes, the doc contends the foreigners caused irreversible damage. 

In researching the Lévi-Strauss portions, the filmmakers found that he was more involved than they thought.  "So we recut it" said Chamberlain. "Which ended up dragging Lévi-Strauss through the mud even more."

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