Science Sandbox Nonfiction Project

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Sundance Institute has entered into a creative partnership with Science Sandbox—a one-year pilot program intended to foster innovative nonfiction science storytelling. Administered by Sundance Institute’s Documentary Film Program, the Science Sandbox Nonfiction Project is a partnership that offers grants, engagement events and other opportunities for independent artists seeking to explore the intrinsic link between science and culture through innovative storytelling.

The new partnership will harness the power of nonfiction storytelling as a vehicle for inspiring audiences to engage with science. During this pilot year, Sundance Institute and Science Sandbox will experiment together to learn how best to champion new documentary storytelling with the potential to unlock scientific thinking.

Science Sandbox Nonfiction Fellows will be selected from the Sundance Documentary Fund’s rolling call for submissions. Grants will be awarded across four stages: development ($10,000‐15,000), production ($25,000‐40,000), post‐production ($20,000‐25,000), and impact/engagement ($15,000‐20,000).

Final selections will be made by a review committee made up of Sundance Institute leadership, Science Sandbox staff, Simons Foundation scientists, and Science Sandbox advisors Werner Herzog and Miranda July.

Selection criteria for the Science Sandbox Nonfiction Project will emphasize creative narrative techniques and documentary projects that highlight diversity in science, specifically those that feature characters, topics, or disciplines that broaden and redefine what it means to be a scientist or to do science.

Interested filmmakers may apply through the open Documentary Fund Program Application.

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