What to Watch in October

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The actor-turned-director undertaking is, as Eric Hynes wrote following last January’s premiere of Paul Dano’s Wildlife, a lodestone for attention and skepticism. Only once you observe the soulful direction of Dano’s feature film debut does that skepticism begin to not only dissipate, but eventually seem utterly senseless. With Wildlife, Dano enlists two of today’s most capable stars in Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal—as well as newcomer Ex Oxenbould whose precocious talents recall the director’s own early performances—for a spirited and timeless drama tracking the dissolution of a family in 1960s Montana.

Check out all of the Sundance-supported films coming to theaters and digital platforms this month.

Friday, September 28

All About Nina, directed by Eva Vives

306 Hollywood, directed by Elan Bogarín and Jonathan Bogarín

Friday, October 5

Private Life, directed by Tamara Jenkins

Studio 54, directed by Matt Tyrnauer

Friday, October 12

Thunder Road, directed by Jim Cummings (Drafthouse Cinemas; iTunes on Oct. 30)

Monday, October 15

The Sentence, directed by Rudy Valdez

Tuesday, October 16

The Devil We Know, directed by Stephanie Soechtig (iTunes)

Friday, October 19

Wildlife, directed by Paul Dano

The Guilty, directed by Gustav Möller

What They Had, directed by Elizabeth Chomko (Netflix)

An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn, directed by Jim Hoskings

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