Next Stop: The Kingdom of Morocco

FILM FORWARD arrives in the Kingdom of Morocco on September 27th and begins a whirlwind 4 day tour, exhibiting films, engaging in conversations with audience members and exchanging information with local filmmakers and film Industry leaders.  Stanley Nelson, director of FREEDOM RIDERS (which just received three Emmy awards) and Cherien Dabis, director of AMREEKA (who just returned from pre-production of her next film in Jordan) will travel with the program and present their films and conduct filmmaking  workshops.  Caroline Libresco, Senior Programmer for Sundance Film Festival will represent Sundance along with Jill Miller, Managing Director, Sundance Institute and Meredith Lavitt, Associate Director, Film Forward.
We begin our tour in Tanger and will travel to Tetouan, Rabat/Sale and Casablanca screening for youth, University students, underserved communities and artist.  We are also looking forward to several meetings with local filmmakers and Film Industry.  It should be an interesting time to be in Northern Africa with two very poignant films. AMREEKA is a diaspora story of a divorced Palestinian mother and her son who leave Palestine in hopes of a brighter future in the United States and explores their challenges of immigration, fitting in, stereotypes and the nostalgia for home. FREEDOM RIDERS is the story of six months in 1961 that changed America forever and brought the nation face to face with the civil rights movement as a small band of
courageous college students deliberately violated Jim Crow laws and road the buses into the deep south.
Stay tuned for highlights from the trip…

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