Look Again 2012

In the nearly eight years that I’ve worked for Sundance Institute, I’ve observed a thing or two about the organization, our culture, and our community. We’re not an overly earnest bunch, we enjoy a good time, and we don’t love to make grand statements about the work that we do or the impact that our work might have. Rightly and always, we shine our light on the artists, their voices, and their work.

It’s also true that the Institute is an organization defined and driven by people – a founder and a board, filmmakers, theatre artists and composers, a staff and volunteers corps, and audiences – who share an insatiable curiosity about the world we live in and a belief that we’re better off as individuals and as a society when we’re exposed to a variety of ideas, perspectives, and possibilities. And we believe such exposure, more often than not, comes in the form of well-told story.

So this year, when we began the annual process to set our message and visual identity for the Sundance Film Festival, we chose to focus on the idea that a single story can shift one’s view of the daily commute, working life, family, or even the whole world. As always, the artwork celebrates the intersection of awesome films and the remarkable place of Utah. Specific to 2012, “Look Again” is an invitation to have your perspectives altered – slightly or dramatically – by the stories on the screen, and to see some person, place, or thing in a way that you’d never before imagined it could be. Essentially, it’s an invitation to remain surprise-able.

Whether on the ground or online, we hope you’ll choose to join us this year and that you’ll embrace the 2012 Festival as the opportunity we intend it to be – a chance to be inspired by the films and to see the world a little bit differently than you do now.

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