Derek Cianfrance explores two tracks in Blue Valentine

A fan of The Godfather Part 2, Derek Cianfrance said his deep interest in duality led him on a 12 year journey to make Blue Valentine, which premiered tonight.

"I liked the parrellel stories. The rise of the father and fall of the son," said Cianfrance. "It was always part of the script."

Blue Valentine's intercutting between a couple's rise and fall leaves no easy answers. When asked about creating sympathetic characters, Cianfrance responded "I don't understand sympathetic and unsympathetic characters. Everyone that I know is both. The movie is honest. We all go the basement. It makes us human."

The inspiration for the film came from two nightmares Cianfrance had as a boy: nuclear war and divorce. When his parents divorced, Cianfrance was left with a lot of questions. In the 12 years it took to develop and finance the picture, those questions changed dramatically, as did the script. The biggest was that he got married and had a child. "I wasn't ready to make this movie 12 years ago," he said.

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