Attack of the Art Stars!

If you've ever visited New Frontier on Main, you know we're all about the intersection of the art world and film world, and the way media in today's world migrates off the screen and back again. So today at the Migrating Imaginations panel we were especially proud to bring two prominent art world stars, Shirin Neshat and Pipilotti Rist (both of whom have debut feature films at the Festival), and sit them down with legendary film critic Elvis Mitchell to discuss what is different about making traditional fine art and making a film.

Neshat made the point best by telling everyone about the time she went to a house of one of her collectors, and found her art work hanging in the bathroom. Did she really toil and pour her soul into a work of art to have it end up near someone's toilet? "Cinema is more democratic, and no-one can own the canvas," she pointed out. Rist explained that cinema is about negotiation, while art is about trust. "In cinema, our challenge is to find out how to be close to people....cinema is a cultural expression in a common bubble."

Oh and by the way, our patron saint of the arts Mr. Robert Redford was at the panel with us and watched the whole thing. What an honor!

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