What's Your Sundance Story?

As we prepare to celebrate Sundance Institute’s 40th anniversary in 2021, we need you to contribute to the Your Story Project.

Have a memory about a particularly engaging Festival screening? A lab you attended at Sundance Resort? A Sundance experience that changed your life or career? We want to hear it and help you share it. I mean, if not you, then who?

We’re looking to represent the full breadth of our Sundance community, so submissions of all kinds are welcome—short or long, video or sound clip, photos or graphics, essays or quick notes, illustrations or animation. Feel free to use your full creative toolkit and really have fun with it—but simple can be powerful too. Also note that you can contribute as many stories as you’d like. If you’re telling multiple stories, we ask that you submit them separately; this makes it easier for us to sort through.

Your stories may be used for the anniversary and beyond—from social and web content to special events, your experiences and stories make up the collective history that’s shaped the Institute and our storytelling community. The stories and content you share will live on and be preserved in the Institute’s Archives as part of the Your Story Project.

Below, we’ve noted a few guidelines to keep in mind.


Food for Thought: