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This chilling documentary tells the story of the cyber weapon Stuxnet, a piece of self-replicating computer malware hatched during a clandestine mission by the U.S. and Israel to sabotage an underground Iranian nuclear facility. Told from the perspective of Stuxnet and a key NSA informant, the story places audiences inside the invisible world of computer viruses and allows them to experience the high stakes of cyber warfare. We come to realize that the digital threat of a new chapter of modern warfare is closer to home than we thought.

View this piece at:
VR Palace
475 Swede Alley (Base Camp), Park City
Ticket required. To purchase tickets, go here. One ticket = 50 minutes in the VR Palace. Pass holders must waitlist.

YEAR 2017

SECTION NF VR Experience


RUN TIME 15 min


WEBSITE http://scatter.nyc

EMAIL gather@scatter.nyc

PHONE (929) 295-9166


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Technical Director
Executive Producers
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Scatter is an immersive media studio. We believe technology has the power to extend the human experience in a powerful way. We translate the world around us—real stories, real places, real people—through the creative use of technology to create immersive experiences.

Yasmin Elayat

Scatter partner and creative director Yasmin Elayat is a new media artist, experience designer, and creative technologist. Her work pushes the boundaries of immersive and collaborative storytelling experiences, ranging from new media documentary to immersive environments and site-specific installations.

Elie Zananiri

Scatter Technical Director Elie Zananiri is a creative developer specializing in large-scale installations, mobile applications, and user interfaces. His work experiments with breaking social boundaries in public spaces, through immersive experiences and generative compositions.