Will is a bartender in New Orleans. He has a great job, great friends, and a girlfriend, Carrie, who loves him. He skates across life’s surface, ignoring complications and concentrating on enjoying the moment. One night at the bar, a violent brawl breaks out, which injures one of his regular customers and causes some college kids to leave behind a cell phone in their haste. Will begins receiving disturbing texts and calls from the stranger’s phone. While Will hopes to not get involved, Carrie gets lost down a rabbit hole investigating this strange malevolence. They’ve discovered something unspeakable, and it’s crawling slowly into the light.

Writer/director Babak Anvari returns to terrify at the Sundance Film Festival Midnight section with this adaptation of the novella The Visible Filth by Nathan Ballingrud. From its opening scene, Wounds strikes an uneasy tone that begins to fester and continues to spread until its shocking climax. Armie Hammer revels in this unlikely turn that allows his attractive smile to fade away and reveals the true creature that may be lurking on the inside.

YEAR 2019


COUNTRY U.S.A./United Kingdom

RUN TIME 94 min

EMAIL lucan@twoandtwo.com

PHONE (917) 302-2556


Executive Producers
Production Designer
Casting Director
Costume Designer

Artist Bio

Babak Anvari

Babak Anvari is a London-based writer, director, and producer. His first feature film, Under the Shadow, was the UK entry for the foreign-language Academy Award and won him the BAFTA Award for outstanding debut in 2017. Anvari is also a partner at Two & Two Pictures, where he oversees the development and production of feature and television projects.