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Avoid lines and see a lion’s share of the official New Frontier VR lineup with your VR Palace ticket! Experience 15 of the best and most innovative VR works made today—journey through the evolution of life on Earth while connecting with three people from different places, become a computer virus that melts down an Iranian nuclear reactor, travel with aliens in space, experience the trauma of being disowned by your own family, become a toy robot from the ’80s, surf the inside of a human skull, stand on the banks of torrential rivers created by melting ice on Greenland, travel in the shoes of a shooter during a mass killing, control time and space, make your very own VR, and experience the exquisite glee of spraying cute and colorful chrome kitties out of your own hands onto a crowd of dancing admirers.

For a detailed look at the VR Experiences, go here.

SECTION NF VR Experience

RUN TIME 50 min