VR Cinema Program 3


A wide range of mobile VR programs from around the world that represent some of the best VR journalism and creative narrative storytelling in the 360 video format being created today.

The Box at The Ray
1768 Park Ave., Park City

Tickets are required and are available during individual ticket sales (online and at main box offices). eWaitlist also available.

Live Stream from YUKI <3
Yuki, cute as a button, live streams her love life to an adoring and sundry group of subscribers. Tonight, she was stood up by her boyfriend, and she is looking for moral support. But an uninvited guest crashes the party and reveals a new side of Yuki that her fawning fandom didn’t know about.

Kaiju Confidential
The Godzilla genre is flipped on its head when we get up close and personal with these towering animated monsters. Rampaging across a sprawling Japanese metropolis, destroying everything in their wake in epic fashion, their equally huge neuroses and insecurities take the bigger hit. Paul F. Tompkins and Blake Anderson voice one of the funniest VR series of the year.

Ashe '68
Arthur Ashe made history by becoming the first African American to win the U.S. Open Tennis Championship. He devoted the rest of his life to fighting injustice and raising awareness of the black experience in America.

Ashe ’68 weaves together re-creations, period archival footage, and evocative sand animation to showcase Ashe’s internal pressures. Viewers can join Ashe and feel what he felt at the pre-match press conference where reporters obsessed over his race.

4 Feet: Blind Date
Juana is an 18-year-old, blue-haired girl bound to a wheelchair, and she is anxious to explore her sexuality. She is going on a blind date with Felipe, a guy she found on social media. She didn’t tell him about the wheelchair. After overcoming her fears, her doubts, and an inaccessible city, she meets him—and together they will discover what their bodies feel.

CATEGORY New Frontier Art

RUN TIME 43 min


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