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VR Cinema Program 2


A wide range of mobile VR programs from around the world that represent some of the best VR journalism and creative narrative storytelling in the 360 video format being created today.

The Box at The Ray
1768 Park Ave., Park City

Tickets are required and are available during individual ticket sales (online and at main box offices). eWaitlist also available.

Marshall from Detroit
On a winter’s night, musician Eminem and journalist Sway Calloway cruise around Detroit, Michigan, discussing Eminem’s creative process, the idea of a hometown, and music. In Marshall in Detroit, viewers ride along in the backseat, gleaning a new understanding of these famed cultural figures. This captivating 360-degree VR work is a lyrical and atmospheric study of place and how it can shape you.

Traveling While Black
Academy Award winner Roger Ross Williams’s finely observed and crafted visit to Ben’s Chili Bowl, a famed DC restaurant, transforms a central community locale into a symbolic safe space. African American visitors, some of whom lived through segregation, sit and share a moment of honest discussion, reflecting on their experiences of restricted movement and race relations in the U.S. These stories strengthen bonds among communities by bringing hidden histories into our modern collective consciousness.

CATEGORY New Frontier Art

RUN TIME 42 min


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