When Howard Brookner lost his life to AIDS in 1989, the 35-year-old director had completed two feature documentaries and was in post-production on his narrative debut, Bloodhounds of Broadway. Twenty-five years later, his nephew, Aaron, sets out on a quest to find the lost negative of Burroughs: The Movie, his uncle's critically-acclaimed portrait of legendary author William S. Burroughs. When Aaron uncovers Howard's extensive archive in Burroughs’ bunker, it not only revives the film for a new generation, but also opens a vibrant window on New York City’s creative culture from the 1970s and ‘80s, and inspires a wide-ranging exploration of his beloved uncle's legacy.

Connecting with Howard's friends, lovers, and collaborators (like Jim Jarmusch) through the treasure trove of outtakes and video diaries he discovers, Aaron constructs at once a paean and an elegy to a complex, creative man—cut down, like so many others of his generation, in his prime, but who lived his short life to its fullest.

YEAR 2016


COUNTRY U.S.A./United Kingdom

RUN TIME 96 min

COMPANY Pinball London

WEBSITE www.pinballonline.co.uk

EMAIL smash@pinballonline.co.uk

PHONE +44 452733893


Executive Producer
Co Producer
Associate Producer
Post Production Supervisor
Music Supervisor

Artist Bio

Aaron Brookner

Aaron Brookner is a writer/director from New York. His first feature film, The Silver Goat (2011), was created exclusively for the iPad and downloaded in 24 countries. Previously, Brookner directed music related content and the award-winning short documentary The Black Cowboys (2004). In 2011 he embarked on the remastering of Howard Brookner's archive, starting with Burroughs: The Movie. In 2014, Brookner created a video installation in London. Uncle Howard is his first feature-length documentary.