What is behind the cinema screen? What if the auditorium dissolves and with it the familiar laws of cinema itself? In the 1990s, Martin Reinhart invented a film technique called “tx-transform,” which exchanges the time (t) and space (x) axes in a film. tx-reverse 360° shows this collision of reality and cinema and draws its viewers into a vortex in which the familiar order of space and time seems to be suspended.

Screens with VR Cinema Program 2

YEAR 2019

CATEGORY New Frontier Exhibitions

COUNTRY Austria/Germany

RUN TIME 5 min


WEBSITE http://www.refreshingfilms.com

EMAIL info@refreshingfilms.com

PHONE +43 650 5341800


Lead Artists
Key Collaborator
Director of Photography
Cinema Organ
Sound Mix
VR Spatial Audio Mix
VR Post-Production

Artist Bio

Martin Reinhart

Martin Reinhart, a film historian, filmmaker, and film technician born in 1967, lives and works in Vienna. He studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and co-founded the company Indiecam, a pioneer of digital film that developed the CinemaDNG standard with Adobe. His innovative works and films have been presented at international exhibitions and festivals, including the "tx-transform" film technique.

Virgil Widrich

Virgil Widrich is a screenwriter, film director, multimedia artist, and professor for Art & Science at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. His works have received more than 130 international prizes. His most recent feature film is Night of a 1000 Hours (2016). His first music video, Nena & Dave Stewart: Be My Rebel, was released in 2018.