Time: The Kalief Browder Story


At 16, Kalief Browder was charged with stealing a backpack, then arrested in the Bronx. He proclaimed his innocence, fought the system, and in the face of torture and unthinkable circumstances, he prevailed. For this, Kalief became an American hero—but he paid with his life. In a groundbreaking six part docuseries, executive produced by Jay Z, TIME: The Kalief Browder Story is an in-depth look at this harrowing story. Using illuminating interviews with world-renowned experts, celebrities, politicians, local officials, and survivors creates eye-opening nonfiction and humanizes the mechanical levers of justice while forcing Americans to reexamine the broken system. Utilizing multiple filmmaking techniques to create a unique and disruptive style, the series takes the viewer deeper and deeper into the perfect storm of the institutional failure that conspired to destroy Kalief Browder.

The Festival presents the world premiere of the first two episodes, followed by an extended Q&A with the creators of the series, set to air on Spike TV in 2017.

YEAR 2016

SECTION Special Events


RUN TIME 87 min


WEBSITE http://Spike.com

EMAIL david.schwarz@mtvstaff.com

PHONE (212) 767-8639


Executive Producers

Artist Bio

Jenner Furst

At 23, Jenner Furst produced the Peabody Award–winning docuseries Brick City for SundanceTV, alongside Marc Levin, Mark Benjamin, and Forest Whitaker. Furst produced Chicagoland, a docuseries for CNN, with that same team working under executive producer Robert Redford. In 2011 Furst founded Cinemart with Julia Willoughby Nason and partner Nick Sandow, creating the independent narrative Houses. He later produced the award-winning documentary Welcome to Leith, which premiered in competition at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.