YEAR 2015

SECTION Doc Premieres


RUN TIME 90 min

"Good evening, I have cancer," comedian Tig Notaro famously announced in front of a stunned audience back in 2012. "Everyone having a good time? I have cancer." In just 30 minutes, Notaro not only revealed her grave prognosis, she delivered the news with a disarming mixture of humor and vulnerability. The set became a media sensation and critical smash overnight and, as Kristina Goolsby and Ashley York's new documentary reveals, helped push the beloved comedian past a series of devastating setbacks. Having just recovered from a life-threatening infection and still in mourning over her mother’s sudden passing, Notaro's subsequent discovery of bilateral breast cancer left her no choice but to turn profound pain into an ongoing punch line, both on and off the stage. The result is an alternately poignant and playful window into a comedian's process turning her worst fears and anxieties into pure comic gold. —H.V.

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COMPANY Beachside Films


Executive Producer
Sound Editor

Artist Bio

After studying documentary at Columbia College Chicago, Kristina Goolsby worked for independent film producer Andrea Sperling on several feature films. She went on to produce, write, and direct more than 80 hours of award-winning non-fiction television for NBC, LOGO, and A&E. As a senior producer for A&E's documentary series Intervention, her highlights include writing for the 2009 Emmy Award-winning series and producing five PRISM award-winning seasons. Tig is Goolsby's directorial feature debut.

Ashley York is an Appalachian-born filmmaker whose interests include feminism, documentaries, socially conscious media, and emerging modes of storytelling. She has worked on Academy Award-nominated teams and produced films premiering at the Berlin, SXSW, and Sundance film festivals as well as the Oprah Winfrey Network, A&E, HBO, and the Sundance Channel. York lives in Los Angeles and is a lecturer in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.