This six-part web series follows feminist and wannabe YouTube star Jessie Kahnweiler as she struggles to live, love, and get over her bulimia. On a mission to save the world and get rid of her love handles, Jessie demands honesty from everyone but herself. The series is a new kind of dark comedy for those who know that the most beautiful moments in life ain’t always so pretty.

Writer, director, and star Jessie Kahnweiler is a force to be reckoned with. Mining dark terrain for hilarity is a treacherous game that she plays masterfully. The series doesn’t shy away from heavy issues but rather embraces them head-on—and in doing so opens up a completely fresh and funny perspective.

The Festival debuts six 10-minute episodes. After the screening, join creator Jessie Kahnweiler, executive producer Jill Soloway (Wifey.tv), Andrea Sperling, and Rebecca Odes; executive producers Paul Young, Illeana Douglas, and Refinery29's chief content officer Amy Emmerich for a juicy discussion about the creative process, innovations in distribution, the future of feminist media, and whether Jessie will ever get properly laid.

YEAR 2016

SECTION Special Events


RUN TIME 60 min

COMPANY Refinery29

WEBSITE http://www.refinery29.com

EMAIL amy.emmerich@refinery29.com

PHONE (347) 514-9189


Executive Producer
Director Of Photography
Co Executive Producer
Supervising Producer
Production Designer
Costume Designer

Artist Bio

Jessie Kahnweiler

Jessie Kahnweiler can’t afford therapy, so she makes films. Her work has been featured on CNN, TMZ, People, New York Magazine, Mashable, Buzzfeed, Elle, and The Independent. Her short Meet my Rapist is a dark comedy about running into her rapist at a farmers' market. Jessie's latest project, The Skinny, is a dark-comedy series based on her 10-year relationship with bulimia and is being produced by Wifey.TV and Refinery29.