In the nearly 50 years since Israel's decisive victory in the 1967 Six-Day War, hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens have established expanding communities in the occupied territories of the West Bank. Frequently coming into direct conflict with the region's Palestinian inhabitants, and facing the condemnation of the international community, the settlers have been viewed by some as the righteous vanguard of modern Zionism and by others as overzealous squatters who are the greatest impediment to the possibility of peace in the region.

Director Shimon Dotan (Hot House, 2007 Sundance Film Festival Special Jury Award winner) opens up a space in between these extremes, offering unprecedented access to pioneers of the historical settlement movement and a diverse range of modern-day settlers, religious and secular alike. The result is a comprehensive, provocative exploration of the controversial communities who continue to extend an inordinate influence on the sociopolitical destinies of Israel and Palestine.

YEAR 2016


COUNTRY France/Canada/Israel/Germany

RUN TIME 110 min

LANGUAGE English and Hebrew/Arabic

SUBTITLES Yes with English subtitles

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Director Of Photography
Associate Editor

Artist Bio

Shimon Dotan

Shimon Dotan’s films have been the recipients of the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival (Hot House); the Silver Bear at Berlin (Smile of the Lamb); numerous Israeli Academy Awards, including Best Film and Best Director (Repeat Dive and The Smile of the Lamb); and Best Film at the Newport Beach Film Festival (You Can Thank Me Later). Dotan was born in Romania, grew up in Israel, and is presently teaching at NYU.