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Wayne, a 40-year-old rideshare driver and spiritual coach, recently moved back in with his mom. He discovers that the key to giving his life meaning is to help his unsuspecting passengers let go of their negative thoughts—whether they want his help or not. Go along for the ride with six absurdly entertaining episodes of this short-form series.

Screens with Indie Episodic Showcase

YEAR 2019

CATEGORY Indie Episodic


RUN TIME 42 min

EMAIL linasphillips@gmail.com

PHONE (718) 637-4711


Executive Producers
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Associate Producers
Director of Photography
Sound Mixer
Assistant Camera
Additional Cinematography
Makeup Artist

Artist Bio

Linas Phillips

Linas Phillips is a director, actor, teacher, and spiritual seeker. In 2006 he walked 1,200 miles to meet Werner Herzog, documented in his first film, Walking to Werner. His other films include Bass Ackwards (2010 Sundance Film Festival) and Rainbow Time. As an actor, Phillips has appeared in Twin Peaks, Eastbound & Down, Togetherness, and Manson Family Vacation. As the "screenplay doula," Phillips teaches screenwriting by applying techniques drawn from notable spiritual teachers.