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Phil is a wide-eyed mute on the run after escaping captivity. His scatterbrained ineptitude keeps getting him in trouble, but two agents who’ve been hired to recapture him always seem to be one step behind. The result is a series of misadventures that take the trio around the globe. Directed by Kitao Sakurai (The Eric Andre Show), we present the pilot episode of this aberrant series.

Screens with Indie Episodic Program 5

Tue. 1/23, 6:30 p.m., Ray, PC
Wed. 1/24, noon, Park Ave., PC
Fri. 1/26, 6:00 p.m., Broadway 6, SLC

YEAR 2017

SECTION Indie Episodic Episodes


RUN TIME 22 min

COMPANY Super Deluxe

WEBSITE www.superdeluxe.com

PHONE (213) 316-5042


Executive Producers

Artist Bio

Kitao Sakurai

Known for directing and executive producing Adult Swim’s late-night comedy The Eric Andre Show, Kitao Sakurai began his career as a child actor in Ohio. As a teenager Kitao moved to New York and entered the world of opera and experimental theatre, collaborating with renowned director Doug Fitch. Kitao then shifted his focus to cinematography, filming numerous rap videos and indie features. In 2010 Kitao wrote and directed the internationally celebrated feature Aardvark.