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Harriet Lauler (Shirley MacLaine), a once successful businesswoman, has always been in tight control of every aspect of her life. As she reflects upon her accomplishments, she's suddenly inspired to engage a young local writer, Anne Sherman (Amanda Seyfried), to pen her life's story. When the initial result doesn’t meet Harriet's high expectations, she sets out to reshape the way she is remembered, with Anne dragged along as an unwilling accomplice. As the journey unfolds, the two women develop a unique bond which alters not only Harriet’s legacy, but also Anne’s future.

Director Mark Pellington returns to the Festival with a film as funny as it is moving. MacLaine shines, and it’s a rare pleasure to watch her front and center, telling a story with every line. Her character is a tough perfectionist, but through a fleeting smile or a look of quiet regret, she makes Harriet something richer and more complicated. Emboldened by three generations of indomitable female characters, The Last Word is a triumphant tale about living life to the fullest—at any age.

YEAR 2015

SECTION Premieres


RUN TIME 108 min

COMPANY Bleecker Street

EMAIL rj@obscuredpictures.com

PHONE (212) 620-0727


Music Supervisor
Costume Designer
Production Designer
Director Of Photography
Co Producer
Line Producer

Artist Bio

Mark Pellington

Mark Pellington is a filmmaker, writer, and artist working in features, television, documentaries, and more. He's been acclaimed as one of the world's premier music video directors, having worked with such artists as U2, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Michael Jackson, and Bruce Springsteen. Pellington’s films include Arlington Road, The Mothman Prophecies, and U2 3D, while his TV credits include Blindspot and Cold Case. He is now working on Nostalgia, starring Jon Hamm and Catherine Keener.