The Games Maker


YEAR 2014

SECTION Sundance Kids

COUNTRY Argentina/Canada/Italy

RUN TIME 112 min

To celebrate his tenth birthday, Ivan Drago’s parents take him to an amusement park where he tries his hand at one of the games. Though he doesn’t win, Ivan is given a comic book as a consolation prize. The comic contains an advertisement for a "games makers" competition sponsored by a mysterious corporation. Creating games captures Ivan’s imagination. Against his father’s wishes, he enters the competition and wins. Shortly afterward, his parents disappear in a ballooning accident. Believing them to still be alive, Ivan embarks on a dark, adventure-filled quest to find them, a journey that leads him to learn about his family’s past and to meet the head of the mysterious corporation that sponsored the competition: the evil "games maker" Morodian.

Featuring an engaging story and fantastical atmosphere, The Games Maker is a gripping adventure about a young boy pursuing his dreams and saving his family. —P.H.

Recommended for ages 8+


COMPANY Pampa Films


Costume Designer
Production Designer
Sound Designer

Artist Bio

Juan Pablo Buscarini has produced a number of highly successful feature films and directed four films: Condor Crux (2000); The Hairy Tooth Fairy (2006), a children's film that enjoyed considerable success throughout Latin America, was included in the official selections at the Toronto International Film Festival and Tribeca 2007, and won the Spanish Goya Prize; Noah's Ark (2007); and, most recently, The Games Maker. He also founded Pampa Films, one of Argentina's top production companies.