YEAR 2015

SECTION U.S. Dramatic Competition


RUN TIME 115 min

In 2004, Hope Ann Greggory became an American hero after winning the bronze medal for the women's gymnastics team. Today, she's living in her father's basement in her small hometown—washed up, largely forgotten, and embittered. Stuck in her past glory, Hope is forced to reassess her life when a promising young gymnast who idolizes her threatens her local celebrity status. Will she mentor the adoring, hopeful protégé, take her down, or both?

Director Bryan Buckley, whose short film Krug played at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, returns with his hilariously raunchy feature-film debut. Teaming with co-writer and lead actor of the film Melissa Rauch, they create a lovably loathsome character who makes Tonya Harding look like Grace Kelly. Featuring a star-making performance by Rauch, unforgettable scenes, and many quotable lines, The Bronze is comedy gold. —T.G.

EMAIL langhoff.stephanie@gmail.com

COMPANY Duplass Brothers Productions


Executive Producer
Production Designer

Artist Bio

Dubbed “King of the Super Bowl” by The New York Times, Bryan Buckley has won more than 40 Cannes Lions, earned six Emmy nominations and the distinction of being named “Commercial Director of the Decade” in 2010. Buckley’s short film ASAD, which he wrote and directed, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film.