The (ART) oF BE(i)NG


WARNING: When you leave the theater, you will leave changed. Get ready for a mind-altering evening with a pair of alchemical works from two visionary artists.

First, filmmaker JB Ghuman Jr. brings us an epic 45-minute visual-sonic experience meant to expand one's consciousness and emotional capacity through an explosive mix of hand-crafted art and multidimensional storytelling. Multifariously following the story of the Little Mermaid, THE (ART) oF BE(i)NG reaches for a mathematics of the soul to engage the more “subtle” functions of the mind.

Then, after the film, a troupe of dancers takes the stage. Put on your red-and-cyan glasses and experience a singular feat of stereoscopic shadow play. Light artist Christine Marie has been working with analog-generated shadows for over a decade, and she built her own 3-D stereoscope. In (antiquated) Augmented Reality, Marie taps this Victorian art form by casting the dancers’ shadows on a screen, while the audience watches through their 3-D glasses: it’s an immersive, fever-dream dance experience both on the stage and immediately in front of your nose.

Screens with New Frontier Double Feature

YEAR 2018

CATEGORY VR Experience


RUN TIME 46 min

COMPANY 11:11 Entertainment, Inc.



PHONE (323) 252-8400


Additional Cinematography
Hair Artist
Sfx Makeup
Sound Design
Visual Effects
Special Effects Makeup Artist
Costume Designer

Artist Bio

JB Ghuman Jr.

Hailing from Miami Beach, JB Ghuman Jr. was an avid break-dancer infused with a passion for poetry and art. Later, Ghuman moved to Hollywood, California, winning the Tribeca Film Festival’s Audience Award for his first feature film, Spork, which he both wrote and directed. Ghuman is now focused on his next feature-film script, RHiNO!, and teaching his art-therapy class, #ThaExpressionists, via Youth Policy Institute in Los Angeles.