Jamie is just trying to buy some lighter fluid for a 4th of July cookout. Actually, he bought the lighter fluid already, it's just that he left it at the store, and he already walked the whole way back. His roommate's out of town, so he could probably just borrow his bike, but that bike also means everything to him and Jamie is already behind on rent. It’s too bad a chance encounter on the way fuels a chain reaction of terrible luck and frustrating situations that threaten to spin his life out of control.

Having refined his unique sensibility through his short films, filmmaker and lead actor Andre Hyland lets loose a finely tuned talent for capturing the absurdly comical within the mundane and banal interactions of everyday encounters. With his feature debut, Hyland craftily confronts a community of aimless locals with natural flair and uncommon ease, elevating the slacker comedy to social critique.

Screens with Chekhov
I called my sister (who's kind of a bitch, but also really cool) and secretly recorded her reading a love letter from this girl that just dumped me. The conversation went from funny to unbearably sad—hanging up was hard.

YEAR 2015



RUN TIME 80 min

COMPANY Hothouse Productions

WEBSITE http://www.hhouseproductions.com

EMAIL benzie@gmail.com

PHONE (213) 622-5100


Assistant Editor
Sound Recordist
Directors Of Photography
Production Assistant

Artist Bio

Andre Hyland

Andre Hyland’s short film Funnel was named one of the “12 Must-See Sundance Successes” of 2014 by Rolling Stone. He now returns to the Festival with his first feature-length film. In addition to his film and television projects, Hyland’s street art/graffiti work (under the name Buddy Lembek) has been exhibited in association with London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, MASS MoCA, and Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Hyland currently resides in Los Angeles.