Surprise Screening—Fighting with My Family


Saraya Knight (Florence Pugh) is a teenager, and her favorite thing about her family is that they are all obsessed with wrestling—an unusual family pastime by any measure, but especially so in Great Britain. While her parents (Lena Headey and Nick Frost) aim to book wrestling matches in tiny venues around the country for Soraya and her brother, Zak (Jack Lowden), true fighting stardom has always eluded them. That all changes when the WWE sees one of their tapes and offers the siblings the opportunity to audition for coach Hutch (Vince Vaughn). As Saraya steps into her new WWE persona, Paige, and glory starts to seem just within her and Zak’s grasp, it also threatens to change their sibling dynamic forever. Writer-director Stephen Merchant (The Office) brings this outrageously entertaining true story to life, imbuing humor and charm into this family that is at once dysfunctional and lovable. With an all-star cast including the iconic Dwayne Johnson (who also produces here), Fighting with My Family celebrates outsiders and mavericks, championing those who have the nerve to be themselves and follow their true passions.

Closed Captioned (CC) features available for this film.

YEAR 2019

CATEGORY Premieres

RUN TIME 108 min


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