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This immersive multimedia installation brings audiences into a complex understanding of mass incarceration, erasure, and gentrification in Harlem. Audiences enter the shoes of Jasmine, returning home after 15 years of prison, as she goes through her home and the memories triggered there, meets her teenage son, and attempts to find gainful employment in a Harlem that she is entirely unfamiliar with.

Screens at New Frontier at The Ray

YEAR 2019

CATEGORY New Frontier Exhibitions


COMPANY Al Jazeera Digital

WEBSITE https://ajcontrast.com

EMAIL rasoolz@aljazeera.net

PHONE (929) 301-3140


Lead Artists
Key Collaborators
In Collaboration with
Director of Photography
Virtual Reality Production Partner
AR Developers
Sound Design/Mix
Post-Production Services 

Artist Bio

Zahra Rasool

At 29 years old, Zahra Rasool leads the all-female media innovation studio AJ Contrast, part of Al Jazeera Media Network. Recognized as a force in the art of immersive journalism, Rasool is pioneering collaborative ways of telling urgent stories about underrepresented communities and related conflict in a way that empowers diverse voices.

Sarah Springer

An Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker and journalist, Sarah Springer has worked at CNN on stories about race and identity with Soledad O’Brien’s In America series. She also worked at ABC, CBS, and VICE and oversaw creative direction and production at RYOT. She was voted one of the top "28 Young Black Creators and Leaders Making History" by Blavity and co-founded Advocates for Inclusion in Media.