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SPHERES: Songs of Spacetime


This piece is housed at New Frontier at The Ray.

One billion years ago, two black holes violently crashed into one another, creating gravitational waves … and music that only recently has been discovered. For the first time, instead of looking at the universe, we are beckoned to listen to it. SPHERES: Songs of Spacetime is a celestial experience that transports you inside a black hole collision to embark on a musical journey that visualizes gravitational waves and provokes a rich contemplation of the human connection to the cosmos.

YEAR 2018

SECTION NF VR Experience


RUN TIME 13 min

WEBSITE http://www.elizamcnitt.com/spheres/


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Sound Design/Virtual Reality Mix
Vr Production Studios
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Artist Bio

Eliza McNitt

McNitt is a writer and director who explores the cosmic collision of science and art. From astronauts to astrophysicists, she works alongside scientists to tell stories about the human connection to the cosmos. Her films and VR experiences have appeared at festivals including SXSW Film Festival, Hot Docs, Cannes Film Festival Marché du Film NEXT, and AFI Fest. She’s a OneFifty creator and Alfred P. Sloan grant recipient.