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Shorts Program 5


sometimes, i think about dying
Fran is thinking about dying, but a man in the office might want to date her.

Birds in the Earth
Examining the deeper questions of the ownership of the Sami land through the ballet performances of two young dancers.

The Field
A poor agricultural laborer leads a double life in the village's last remaining cornfield. But the harvest is approaching.

Fran This Summer
Teenage lovebirds Fran and Angie spend the summer at home while Fran begins their transition. They must face who and what they mean to each other when they visit the beach, their love on display for all to see.

Crude Oil
Jenny breaks free from a toxic friendship and learns to harness her magical, useless superpower.

The Ghost Behind
Four friends. Many bands. Expectations. Addiction. Loss.

Desires of the flesh
Blessed be the Sunday, that it is the day to see Giovana.

CATEGORY Shorts Program

RUN TIME 98 min